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2011-04-05 19:54:04 by Ethmiester

I'm gonna try something pretty quick here. I'm gonna combine the beats of FL Studio with the wide instrument variety of Garageband. Hopefully it'll be... Reasonably goodish.

Wow, this is depressing.

2011-03-08 20:35:17 by Ethmiester

I never imagined one of my audio submissions getting a score lower than one.

Sad Ethan is sad.

Easy if you know how.

2011-02-13 18:26:45 by Ethmiester

I need some help. I have this really sweet loop made, but Mixcraft 5 adds like, 2 or 3 bars at the end of everything, so it doesn't quite work. If anyone knows how to cut the file (hopefully in Mixcraft), that information would be much appriciated.

New song out. Finally.

2011-02-13 11:32:20 by Ethmiester

I just released "White Cataclysm".
Yes, the name it totally freakin' random.
And that's a good thing.

Ello' everyone!

2011-01-22 21:37:14 by Ethmiester

I'm actually Eth65. I was just... Uh... Banned from the audio portal on that account, so this is where I'm uploading my music. Anything else I upload will be on my main account. So yeah.

Hope you enjoy my compositions.